Saturday, December 31, 2016

REVIEW: Peripera Ink Brow in Deep Brown + Application Techniques

Hello beautiful people! For today, I'll be making a review of the new concept of eyebrow-ING..(THAT'S A NEW TERM), from Peripera's eyebrow cosmetic line. When I first saw this one I was actually surprised that after the eyebrow pencil, then gel, then powder, not to mention the mascara one and then here comes the new evolution of eyebrow makeup. I believe this is more like of a tint/ink and so on. 

Okay, the packaging is actually very interesting. My tattoo artist cousin once saw this and asked me if it was a tattoo ink. Then I realized, probably that was Peripera's concept which is all of their cosmetic lines would stick and last like a tattoo (but of course we know it won't cuz NOTHING LASTS FOREVER). Anyway going back,  I really was curious about this new concept. I am pretty sure the solution of this one is liquid (cuz it says "INK"---duh?). So I thought like HOW TO APPLY THIS ONE? I hurriedly bought one online for around 8.00 USD

On the other side of the bottle, the manufacturing date is stated there. Just a hint for those who love to hoard Korean cosmetics. When you see dates on your products followed by Korean terms, here are some things you need to know. "제조" (jejo) means 'manufactured'. It simply means the manufacturing date of the product where as "까지" means 'until' and it means until when you can use the product. 

TADAAAA. Before I opened the bottle, I was thinking of an applicator which is somehow similar to an angled brush for eyebrows. Then to my surprise, I saw this big, huge, brush which is quite similar to those watercolor brushes we use in painting but a little smaller and shorter though. SO IT GOT ME THINKING LIKE HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO APPLY THIS INK TO MAH BROWSSSSSSS?? 

So there, I took my angled brush which I used with my eyebrow powder. At least I can have more control on the lines and so on. I need accuracy and precision when it comes to drawing my brows. Cuz brows for me is  my "crowning glory'. HAHAHA

I got mine in DEEP BROWN because I wanted it to fit with my usual hair color which is usually a darker shade of brown. Unfortunately, there are only two colors available. The other one is a lighter brown. i think this is the 'boo' side of this cosmetic line, T___T

This is how the ink/tint looks like when applied on the skin. It looks like a little ash brown on the picture but it looks a little darker in reality. 

Honestly, this is the most difficult type of eyebrow product I have ever dealt with my entire life. A lot of obstacles I have encountered and finally, I was able to find that secret technique in applying this type of eyebrow makeup. So I would like to name this part as:


1. Firstly, make sure to dab on some loose powder on the skin to make the product stick for a long time. Trust me.

 2. With the use of the brush, draw and outline your preferred eyebrow shape. In my case, I always prefer straight eyebrows. 

Ohhh those excess hair/s 

3, Still with the use of the same brush, fill in the outline you made. If you noticed on the photo below, you can obviously see harsh lines that the ink created at the tip of your brows. It would make your eyebrows look ridiculous, unnatural and overdrawn if you keep it that way. Sooooo use a~~~

4. Use a Q tip to blend and lessen the overdrawn lines at the inner corner of your brows

5. Now this is the tricky part. If you have lesser eyebrow hair like me, you are more likely to encounter this problem. The photo showed the product wearing off (photo below), creating an awkward gap or space obviously making it look like you don't have hair on that part of your brows. This was one of my problems before with this product and even thought of quitting in using this one. But I was able to find the best strategy and that is.......

6. Find an eyebrow powder makeup with a similar color and dab lightly on the gaps the ink made on your eyebrow while still making sure not to create harsh lines at the inner corner of your brows and VIOLA~





Now this ink brow is really INSANE when we talk about how long this product last! You can see a clip below. After the product has totally dried, I tried smudging it off with my finger and here's what happened.....

What sorcery is this?

OMG!! THAT WAS CRAAAAZZZYY!! It was totally smudge-proof. In my case, when I finish putting on makeup, I really try my best not to touch my face except when I am doing some retouch. There was a time like when my eyebrow got a little itchy during the day maybe because of the dust but I really fought the temptation to touch my brow cuz I was not even near to any powder rooms. But not anymore with this baby. ALLLRIIGGHHT

Next one is...

I used wet tissue on this one and it's still insane....I wiped it not only twice but FOUR TIMES but still failed to remove it.

And I still can't believe my eyes. This one is honestly waterproof. I'll use this product the next time I go swimming with my boyfriend and still look human in front of him. HA! 

Then I was beginning to worry why this product won't just wear off. So I finally used makeup remover and to my relief, the ink was removed HURRAY!

TO SUM UP.....


 Affordable price
 No strong scent and my skin didn't have any breakouts

 Difficult to apply
 Watercolor brush applicator
 Limited colors available
 Might look unnatural if not properly applied


Who here have used the product?? Please do share your thoughts. 

***This is not a sponsored review. Everything stated in this post was my honest review, opinion and experience of the product.