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Circle Lens Review: Forever Classic Sparkle Lens

Hellooooo there again beautiful people! <3 Now I'm back for another circle lens review!! For this review, I'm going to give you my first impression on SPARKLE's circle lens. Here in my country, circle lens is really a growing trend among young people. Sparkle is one of the well-known brands here probably because of its affordable price and wide range of choices. I was curious so I thought of giving this product a try. So here are my thoughts and FIRST (and second?) IMPRESSION of the product. XD

BRAND: Sparkle
DESIGN: Forever Classic
COLOR: Pure Hazel
ORIGIN: Korea 
DIAMETER: 14.2 mm
BASE CURVE: 8.60 mm
WATER CONTENT: Not stated 
PRICE ONLINE: 4 USD (Cuz it was on sale LOL)

MY THOUGHTS: I'm always a skeptical person. When I saw the word 'safe' on the bottle cover, I was already a little alarmed. HAHA I tried to find the name of the manufacturer or where it was made. I know almost everything cheap and affordable is from China (sorry for that. I'm quarter Chinese by the way) so I thought this one is too. The sellers just claim it's manufactured in Korea to probably gain trust from their buyers. Korea is also one of the best manufacturers when it comes to circle lens. 

I am always fond of wearing natural looking circle lens. It won't make you look weird (like alien-looking level). So I opted to purchase the color 'Pure Hazel' cuz it's like in between green and brown. Plus, I've never had a hazel-colored lens. So this was my chance to finally tryyyy itttt! YAAAAZZZ!!

This lens actually has three tones. The inner one which is quite brownish, the middle one looks a little like between faded green or gray and the outer part is just a faint dark color. The three tones lens is very popular for those people who are seeking for a more natural looking lens. That's why most three-tone lens are actually around 14mm and not more than 15mm in diameter only because of the natural results it gives to the wearer. 

Honestly, looking at these babies makes me wanna stick 'em on my eyes right away. Hahaha 

Of course, after I took photos of the lens inside the  vial, I hurriedly opened and I was too excited to try them on. then finally~~~~

So this is what the lens look like when worn. I didn't expect that 14.2mm could be this small for my iris. Probably because I'm used to wearing 14.5mm lens.
For me, asides from the design of the lens, comfort is also a critical factor for me in choosing a brand of the lens. I had some pairs before that really gave me some unforgettable discomfort (e.g. the feeling of small needles pricking on your eye due to dryness). For this one, I will share my first impression and after using the product several times. For my first impression, I really thought I wasted my money on this one. Cuz when I first opened the vial and transferred it to my lens case, I noticed that the lens suddenly crumpled a little when it was exposed to air and it was like barely a minute. It easily dried out so I thought that the water content might be low that is why they didn't state it on the vial When I noticed it, I was already doubting. 

This is what my eye looked like a minute after the adjustment period I had set for myself to be fully comfortable with the lens. As you can see, I am all teary-eyed as if I watched something heart-breaking. I am not quite sure what were the factors why I had this kind of reaction. It's either my eyes are tired, or dry or maybe the lens is just low in water content or the base curve didn't fit mine and the list goes on. 

Another drawback of this lens is that it really won't stay in place. Whenever I blink or try to peek at the side, it suddenly loses its place and thus, making everything look weird PLUS the discomfort due to the movement of the lens on the eye. The lens itself is not really that soft. When I put it on, I felt like it was a little thick for me. It felt like there was a subtle burn on my eye. By the time, I experienced it, I already thought it was game over for this lens. DISPOSE! 

BUT!! When I chatted with my best friend who was kinda dependent on lenses told me that the big factor of having such experience is due to tired eyes. And she was actually right. I lacked sleep the day before trying these lenses. So, I was thinking of giving the lens another shot. And the second time I used it, I didn't experience any of the bad things on my first time wearing the lenses. I wasn't teary-eyed anymore, the lens stayed in place and I noticed that the lens doesn't easily dry out. I really wondered what happened on the day I first try the lens. Now, I could wear the lens for like 4-6 hours without feeling any discomfort (unless if I stay in some cold and dry places). 

Therefore, I concluded both first and second impressions were quite in different poles. Until now, I am still using the lens and I really like using it cuz some of friends thought I was not wearing any lenses at all. Now that's truly natural HAHAHA

Here are some angle shots and some comparisons of the worn lens. XD

As you can observe, they really don't have much difference in diameter. The lens made my eye more attractive. 

❤ super affordable 
 super natural looking
❤ lovely color
❤ can be used for more than 4 hours wtihout feeling any discomfort (depending on the environment)
❤ the brand has a wide range of choices

☺ can't use well if eyes are tired (but I think that is a natural reaction)
☺ not enough information on the label
☺ a little thick for me BUT bearable 

How about you pretty geeks out there? Have you tried any sparkle lenses? If so, what was your experience? Can you guys recommend any good lenses for me to try?

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