Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Makeup Brush Set (REPLICA)

Hello there beautiful people. For today's post, I'm going to rant about my first impression on Urban Decay's Naked 3 makeup brushes. *applause* Now let me rewind that, I'm not really sure if I should say it's from Urban Decay when in fact these brushes are actually replicas from the authentic one. Since I haven't bought the original one due to financial constraints (insert crying emoticon) but hell yeah, I tried my luck on this one. 

I saw these babies from an online store and asked the seller about it. As what she had stated, the brushes are "Singapore authentic". I really don't know why they still have to tag it like that cuz in the end, the product is still fake. But fake is a harsh word, people. So they prefer to call it replica. It would sound better. But anyway, with the price of 8.50 USD (including the shipping fee), I hurriedly grab the opportunity to try it.  

This set includes 12 different brushes to fit your daily vanity needs. The brushes are secured well in a classy tin casing with of course, the brand NAKED 3 Urban Decay printed on the cover. I haven't seen the original one with my own eyes so I won't be making comparisons here. LOL

Okaaaay~ and this is the info printed on the bottom part of the casing. I guess it's not really from Singapore but it's from China. :-D Look at the first line too~~  It figures.

The brushes have wooden handles with a touch of a soft golden color (except for the lip brush). The ferrule is colored copper. Also on the handles, is the name of the product again, with the signature font of Urban Decay. For me, the brushes look decent enough to be a replica.

To be honest, this is my FIRST makeup brush SET cuz I usually use my fingers in applying and blending eyeshadows cuz I feel more in control with the product applied. I use brushes, I have a few (1-3), but I rarely use them. I only use brushes when I apply color in my lower eye cuz it's too narrow to use my fingers. To make my long explanation short, I am not quite familiar with the different kinds of brushes and how to specifically use them. So I can't really name them one by one. LOL

When I had my hands on the products, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled like petroleum or gas or something. At first I thought the seller might have used the brushes in other purposes before sending it to me. But of course, that would be too evil. Then I realized that maybe because it's a can't expect more...or you can expect the worst. So I tried to give these brushes some fresh air so that the smell will go off.

But it didn't. Until now, they still have that distinct funny smell but less stronger than the first time.

So far, I have only uses these brushes with my eye makeup and other cosmetics in powder form. Like when I try to make some smokey eyes or something. I'm afraid to take the risk of using the other brushes in applying foundation or concealers or in other liquid forms that could trigger and mix with the funny smell the first time I checked the products. Scary~

The bristles are actually soft but synthetic. They are not really like perfectly PERFECT cuz they are just mere replicas, some brushes even have NOTICEABLE uneven bristle length that you can find at the tip of the brushes like if you really take a closer look at them. (or maybe I am just simply OCD) So I had to cut off some of the long bristles to make them look equal and good. And because I cut some them with a blunt scissor, every time I apply some eye makeup, I can feel the revenge of the bristles I cut. DANG IT!

All in all, I say this makeup brush set is worth a try. With the insane cheap price, you can try these brushes especially when you're a starter with makeup like me. You can overuse them and won't feel guilty about it. Since I was a little scared of the brushes' smell, I wasn't able to use half of the brushes which are meant to be used with liquid cosmetics like foundation or concealers, lipsticks and so on. But still, I didn't regret buying and trying these replica brushes. I won't re-purchase these though. I'll save enough money to buy the authentic one that won't make me doubt in using all of its capacities. 

Have you tried the authentic brushes of Urban Decay Naked 3? If so, kindly leave a comment and tell me about your experience with the product! :-D

Thanks for stopping by, beautiful people!!


  1. I have these brushes! Totally didn't realise they weren't authentic until recently, it doesn't bother me, they are part of my daily makeup routine!! Great review though!!

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