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REVIEW: The Face Shop CC Cushion Intense Cover

Hellooooo there beautiful people! I'm finally free from all my school works and other work related stuffs so here I am, ready to make another review. My makeup kit is already like OVERFLOWING with new stuffs and I am really supah dupah excited to make new reviews about the cosmetics I've recently bought. 

For this review, I am going to share to you my thoughts about The Face Shop's CC Cushion. This line was probably launched around December last year. Actually, it has two types:

        ♥ Intense Cover (which I have) - For those people who are more into coverage
        ♥ Ultra Moist - For those people who have dry skin or those who want to have a (more) dewy finish                   

More details about the product:
  • Brand: The Face Shop
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Volume: 15g
  • All Skin Types
According to The Face Shop, the CC cream can last for 25 hours ( ! ! ! ! ) with whitening, wrinkle care, and UV protection. Plus, it is highly adhering and it has a HIGHLY covering formula for natural makeup. It also can moisturize and firm the skin with its ingredients. Lastly, it gives you a blooming finish without darkening the face. 

Enough with the introduction, let's get the ball rolling!

This CC cushion looks like the typical CC cushions with the puff, mirror and of course the cushion. It's refillable. The packaging looks neat and classy. In my opinion, cushions can be a little unhygienic if you don't consume the product for a loooong time. Well, I don't know, maybe I'm just a bit paranoid. HAHAHA

For the shades, they have three available: V103 (light). V201 (fair), V203 (dark). I chose the 'apricot beige' thinking that it would fit my skin tone BUT I WAS WRONG~~ This one was a little lighter for me than I expected. Actually, choosing the right CC or BB cream shade is like a gamble. It depends on the ingredients of the product and how it would react on your skin. Some would darken over time, some lighten and some would still have the same shade. This CC cushion is my first one so I think there would be more trial and error for me before I can find my perfect shade.  

The scent really doesn't bother me. I even thought this one has no scent at all. O___O

The formula of this CC cream is for covering (from its name 'intense cover') so expect it to be heavy. The higher the SPF, the thicker feel it would be on the face. I think the formula of this one is best for winter because it's very hydrating. Also for those people who have insanely dry skin or those who work in a dry place like offices with air-conditioned rooms. This one is best for you! Again, when you choose a formula of your CC cream, always consider your skin type, your environment and the season. 

First dab without spreading 
After your usual skin routine, you can dab this using the air puff lightly on your face. Just one light dab on the cushion can already cover half of your face. If you have noticeable pores, fine lines or wrinkles and so on, I suggest you use a primer before dabbing this CC on your face cuz it can really be nasty when it sets on your fine lines. Now, who wants that? 

BY THE WAY, because it's very hydrating, this one doesn't set directly on the skin especially if you have an oil/combo skin (LIKE ME). In my case, before I proceed with my eyeshadow, or eyebrow application, I dab some loose powder on my face so my eyeshadow, or eyebrow products would adhere more.  

Close up
From the word 'INTENSE COVER' I would say this product is somehow good in coverage but not really that 'intense'. I used an eyeliner pen here and I know it's too much. LOL As you can see in the photo below, on my first dab, the before and after difference is just subtle, it's not too obvious. In the coverage part, it did cover but then again not that INTENSE. Just minor coverage. On my second dab, the before and after difference is already obvious. Now imagine putting that much on your face would make you look like a ---- I don't know. So I don't recommend putting too much of the product since the difference will be very noticeable.

For the longevity, in the first 4 hours, it did cover the blemishes well (but still NOT as powerful as concealers) Eventually, it wasn't able to hold up longer than four hours. So their claim of  '25-hour' staying power doesn't apply on me. NAH 

IN NORMAL LIGHTING:  the product would look natural or normal.  If you guys noticed, the dewy finish can give you a healthy and youthful glow. I just dab the product once. 

Window light

WITH FLASH: Now I  know why Korean girls hate taking pictures with flash. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아이구!

With flash. YIKES! TT


If I had dry skin and worked in an air-conditioned area or lived in a place where it is 2 degrees everyday or actually HAS WINTER, I would probably use this product. But since I'm on the opposite pole, I think I would pass on this one. I live in a tropical island with an oil combo skin, using this product would make my face look like an oiled pan in midday. This product is good! But it doesn't fit my needs. T___T  

For those who have tried this product, what are your comments and suggestions about this CC cream? Comment below and share your story! :D

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