Saturday, November 21, 2015

REVIEW: Etude House' Lock N Summer Color Lips-fit in Slush Fit Tangerine

Summer~ The best word to describe my country’s weather all year round!
Let's lock our lips with Etude's line of Color Lips-fit lippies-->Lock N Summer!

NOTE TO READERS: I usually don’t write reviews right after I buy a certain product. I tend to use it for some fair time (like months---or maybe a year?) so I could really weigh the good and the not so good things about a product. Or~ maybe I’m just a great procrastinator! LOL. Anyway, let’s start! 


The product is contained in a simple transparent bottle with some cute little chalk fonts and designs! Somehow it’s new to the eye and different compared to their usual flowery and girly designs. I like it! It’s simple but eye-catching.

They have this simple applicator and a rubber stopper at the mouth of the container in order to stop any leakage or something. So always make sure to position the bottle UPRIGHT and always make sure you CLOSE it TIGHTLY!! I WARN YOU!! 


This line comes with five lovely colors FIT for Summer! You can choose among:
  • Pretty Fit Hotpink
  • Brave Fit Berry
  • Slush Fit Tangerine
  • Live Fit Orange
  • Love Fit Coral

I really couldn't make up my mind FAST on what shade to buy because all of them are sooooo gorgeous! But since I've been using a lot of reddish and pinkish shades these days, I've decided to go with the orange shade! So, I chose Slush Fit Tangerine! Not too strong and not too dull for Summer! Whatcha think??


As asual, you can barely smell strong scents among Korean products. And I like it! This lippie doesn't have any fruity or strange scent and flavor. 


Before using the product, they really put the directions on the box to SHAKE THE PRODUCT BEFORE USING. Because it's not the typical lippie you see in the market these days. To my surprise, when I applied this product on my lips, it somehow transformed from watery to powdery. So it's not really like the usual shiny lippie but more like a matte one. Also, you can barely feel that you put on something! It's so light! YOU FEEL FREE!! (Okay that was strange!)

This is the color you can achieve even only at the first application. The color is so vibrant, you can choose and control how strong you want the color to be. In normal days, I usually just apply it one time cuz it would look really natural~ But if I want to be more bold, you can apply twice or even three times! HAHA


In one application, the product's color can easily wear out. But if you apply it twice or more, the color would stay on your lips for hours unless you eat or drink a lot. But in my case, I tend to talk a lot cuz of my job. So, I usually do some retouch every after 4 hours. (and every after meals too!)



1. Vibrant color and light on the lips! Color never dies out easily. Because of its special formula, it somehow stays longer than any other products. Plus it feels light on the lips too! You can barely feel you put on some lipstick.

2. Price is reasonable. 


1. Packaging design is cool but the functionality is a big drawback! As far as I have used it, I reckon my tissue enjoyed the quarter of the product due to some terrible leakage!! SAD!! 


YES! But I would love to have it in a different package. Etude, pleeeeaaaaaaaaasseee!!