Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Korean Straight Eyebrow Trimming---♥

My first post EVER! Well, about vanity stuffs *evil laugh*

Anyway, I've always been interested in trimming and shaping eyebrows ever since my friend accidentally shaped my eyebrows weirdly (ages ago) in a way I wanted not to exist anymore!

She really looked good on her eyebrow shape but it looked horrible on me.. *shudders*
So before I start my rant on how I trim my Korean-inspired eyebrow, let's have a "self-check" first.

All of us have different face shapes and each shape has a suitable eyebrow shape. To sum it up, the longer and thinner your face is, the straighter your eyebrows should be (and vice versa). But it's not really the main basis. In the case of Korean women, they want to achieve a youthful and innocent look (no matter what face shape they have!). That's why they stick to the ideal of having a fuller and lesser arch eyebrow~ Some of my favorite celebrities with a cute straight eyebrow are:



Kim Tae Hee


Go Ara

Fortunately, my face shape is safe to have the straight eyebrow. Trimming or shaping your eyebrows is really tricky and it would take you a lot of trial and error to eventually find the right eyebrow shape for you! So don't fret and don't hesitate to experiment! :D

So now, I would like to show you gals how I trim and groom my (scattered) eyebrow~ *claps*

Basic things needed to trim ones eyebrows are:
♥ a razor
♥ a spoolie
♥ eyebrow scissors (curved tip)
♥ eyebrow stick

**You can also add the tweezers but in my case, I really don't pluck. IT HURTS TT__TT

I have scattered thin eyebrows. It was really difficult for me to shape them at first.
But in the long run, I got comfortable in grooming my eyebrows..especially in shaping em

Use your eyebrow stick to draw the outline of your desired eyebrow shape. This will be your guide when you're shaving the hair off.

Some women directly shave or pluck their eyebrows without making an outline. It's okay, if you're already used to it. But for beginners,  I really don't advice it! I tried it once, I shaved and shaved until little hair was left and both eyebrows were not EQUAL~! *Waaaahh*

On the next step, use your spoolie to drag the outline you drew inwards.
Yeah, just follow the direction in the photo above! :D

***Make sure not to put too much pressure 'cause you might erase the line! 
Just keep calm and drag em calmly~~~

This is my usual straight Korean-inspired eyebrow shape! If you're satisfied with the form you've made... then it's time to shave~~~ 

In shaving the lower part of the eyebrow, try to shave outwards first and inwards after. 
Shaving hair at the opposite direction of its direction of growth is a good way to make sure you shave most of the part of the hair. Except the roots though..haha

**WARNING: in shaving inwards, make sure not to cut any skin. I tried it once. OUCH *__*

Shaving the upper part of the eyebrow is the most critical part (for me)! It's makes the expression of your eyebrow~One mistake of how you angle the line can make you look either angry or sad! It depends on you though :D

When you're finished with the lower and upper part of the brow, you can proceed with the side. Again, it depends on you and your mood on how you will angle the line~

If the hair is already too long, you can trim the excess with the aid of a spoolie and a pair of curved tip scissors. Trimming some hair would make your eyebrows look thinner. 

I usually trim the part where the "going-up" hair meets the "going-down" hair in the middle cuz it creates a thick line. (and it looks weird) @___@

And this is the final result! The pink lines indicate where I'll draw my eyebrows. 

As you can see in the first photo, my eyebrows are a little arched and scattered. But having arched brows looks bad..really bad on me! So, I opted to have the straight eyebrow which is suitable for my facial features. As you can see in the second photo, my features became more calm and innocent (??) RIGGHHTTT???

So, good luck to those gals out there who are new to this thing. If you have some additional tips and so on, kindly comment below! :D XOXO