Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Makeup Brush Set (REPLICA)

Hello there beautiful people. For today's post, I'm going to rant about my first impression on Urban Decay's Naked 3 makeup brushes. *applause* Now let me rewind that, I'm not really sure if I should say it's from Urban Decay when in fact these brushes are actually replicas from the authentic one. Since I haven't bought the original one due to financial constraints (insert crying emoticon) but hell yeah, I tried my luck on this one. 

I saw these babies from an online store and asked the seller about it. As what she had stated, the brushes are "Singapore authentic". I really don't know why they still have to tag it like that cuz in the end, the product is still fake. But fake is a harsh word, people. So they prefer to call it replica. It would sound better. But anyway, with the price of 8.50 USD (including the shipping fee), I hurriedly grab the opportunity to try it.  

This set includes 12 different brushes to fit your daily vanity needs. The brushes are secured well in a classy tin casing with of course, the brand NAKED 3 Urban Decay printed on the cover. I haven't seen the original one with my own eyes so I won't be making comparisons here. LOL

Okaaaay~ and this is the info printed on the bottom part of the casing. I guess it's not really from Singapore but it's from China. :-D Look at the first line too~~  It figures.

The brushes have wooden handles with a touch of a soft golden color (except for the lip brush). The ferrule is colored copper. Also on the handles, is the name of the product again, with the signature font of Urban Decay. For me, the brushes look decent enough to be a replica.

To be honest, this is my FIRST makeup brush SET cuz I usually use my fingers in applying and blending eyeshadows cuz I feel more in control with the product applied. I use brushes, I have a few (1-3), but I rarely use them. I only use brushes when I apply color in my lower eye cuz it's too narrow to use my fingers. To make my long explanation short, I am not quite familiar with the different kinds of brushes and how to specifically use them. So I can't really name them one by one. LOL

When I had my hands on the products, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled like petroleum or gas or something. At first I thought the seller might have used the brushes in other purposes before sending it to me. But of course, that would be too evil. Then I realized that maybe because it's a can't expect more...or you can expect the worst. So I tried to give these brushes some fresh air so that the smell will go off.

But it didn't. Until now, they still have that distinct funny smell but less stronger than the first time.

So far, I have only uses these brushes with my eye makeup and other cosmetics in powder form. Like when I try to make some smokey eyes or something. I'm afraid to take the risk of using the other brushes in applying foundation or concealers or in other liquid forms that could trigger and mix with the funny smell the first time I checked the products. Scary~

The bristles are actually soft but synthetic. They are not really like perfectly PERFECT cuz they are just mere replicas, some brushes even have NOTICEABLE uneven bristle length that you can find at the tip of the brushes like if you really take a closer look at them. (or maybe I am just simply OCD) So I had to cut off some of the long bristles to make them look equal and good. And because I cut some them with a blunt scissor, every time I apply some eye makeup, I can feel the revenge of the bristles I cut. DANG IT!

All in all, I say this makeup brush set is worth a try. With the insane cheap price, you can try these brushes especially when you're a starter with makeup like me. You can overuse them and won't feel guilty about it. Since I was a little scared of the brushes' smell, I wasn't able to use half of the brushes which are meant to be used with liquid cosmetics like foundation or concealers, lipsticks and so on. But still, I didn't regret buying and trying these replica brushes. I won't re-purchase these though. I'll save enough money to buy the authentic one that won't make me doubt in using all of its capacities. 

Have you tried the authentic brushes of Urban Decay Naked 3? If so, kindly leave a comment and tell me about your experience with the product! :-D

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

REVIEW: The Face Shop CC Cushion Intense Cover

Hellooooo there beautiful people! I'm finally free from all my school works and other work related stuffs so here I am, ready to make another review. My makeup kit is already like OVERFLOWING with new stuffs and I am really supah dupah excited to make new reviews about the cosmetics I've recently bought. 

For this review, I am going to share to you my thoughts about The Face Shop's CC Cushion. This line was probably launched around December last year. Actually, it has two types:

        ♥ Intense Cover (which I have) - For those people who are more into coverage
        ♥ Ultra Moist - For those people who have dry skin or those who want to have a (more) dewy finish                   

More details about the product:
  • Brand: The Face Shop
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Volume: 15g
  • All Skin Types
According to The Face Shop, the CC cream can last for 25 hours ( ! ! ! ! ) with whitening, wrinkle care, and UV protection. Plus, it is highly adhering and it has a HIGHLY covering formula for natural makeup. It also can moisturize and firm the skin with its ingredients. Lastly, it gives you a blooming finish without darkening the face. 

Enough with the introduction, let's get the ball rolling!

This CC cushion looks like the typical CC cushions with the puff, mirror and of course the cushion. It's refillable. The packaging looks neat and classy. In my opinion, cushions can be a little unhygienic if you don't consume the product for a loooong time. Well, I don't know, maybe I'm just a bit paranoid. HAHAHA

For the shades, they have three available: V103 (light). V201 (fair), V203 (dark). I chose the 'apricot beige' thinking that it would fit my skin tone BUT I WAS WRONG~~ This one was a little lighter for me than I expected. Actually, choosing the right CC or BB cream shade is like a gamble. It depends on the ingredients of the product and how it would react on your skin. Some would darken over time, some lighten and some would still have the same shade. This CC cushion is my first one so I think there would be more trial and error for me before I can find my perfect shade.  

The scent really doesn't bother me. I even thought this one has no scent at all. O___O

The formula of this CC cream is for covering (from its name 'intense cover') so expect it to be heavy. The higher the SPF, the thicker feel it would be on the face. I think the formula of this one is best for winter because it's very hydrating. Also for those people who have insanely dry skin or those who work in a dry place like offices with air-conditioned rooms. This one is best for you! Again, when you choose a formula of your CC cream, always consider your skin type, your environment and the season. 

First dab without spreading 
After your usual skin routine, you can dab this using the air puff lightly on your face. Just one light dab on the cushion can already cover half of your face. If you have noticeable pores, fine lines or wrinkles and so on, I suggest you use a primer before dabbing this CC on your face cuz it can really be nasty when it sets on your fine lines. Now, who wants that? 

BY THE WAY, because it's very hydrating, this one doesn't set directly on the skin especially if you have an oil/combo skin (LIKE ME). In my case, before I proceed with my eyeshadow, or eyebrow application, I dab some loose powder on my face so my eyeshadow, or eyebrow products would adhere more.  

Close up
From the word 'INTENSE COVER' I would say this product is somehow good in coverage but not really that 'intense'. I used an eyeliner pen here and I know it's too much. LOL As you can see in the photo below, on my first dab, the before and after difference is just subtle, it's not too obvious. In the coverage part, it did cover but then again not that INTENSE. Just minor coverage. On my second dab, the before and after difference is already obvious. Now imagine putting that much on your face would make you look like a ---- I don't know. So I don't recommend putting too much of the product since the difference will be very noticeable.

For the longevity, in the first 4 hours, it did cover the blemishes well (but still NOT as powerful as concealers) Eventually, it wasn't able to hold up longer than four hours. So their claim of  '25-hour' staying power doesn't apply on me. NAH 

IN NORMAL LIGHTING:  the product would look natural or normal.  If you guys noticed, the dewy finish can give you a healthy and youthful glow. I just dab the product once. 

Window light

WITH FLASH: Now I  know why Korean girls hate taking pictures with flash. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아이구!

With flash. YIKES! TT


If I had dry skin and worked in an air-conditioned area or lived in a place where it is 2 degrees everyday or actually HAS WINTER, I would probably use this product. But since I'm on the opposite pole, I think I would pass on this one. I live in a tropical island with an oil combo skin, using this product would make my face look like an oiled pan in midday. This product is good! But it doesn't fit my needs. T___T  

For those who have tried this product, what are your comments and suggestions about this CC cream? Comment below and share your story! :D

Saturday, November 21, 2015

REVIEW: Etude House' Lock N Summer Color Lips-fit in Slush Fit Tangerine

Summer~ The best word to describe my country’s weather all year round!
Let's lock our lips with Etude's line of Color Lips-fit lippies-->Lock N Summer!

NOTE TO READERS: I usually don’t write reviews right after I buy a certain product. I tend to use it for some fair time (like months---or maybe a year?) so I could really weigh the good and the not so good things about a product. Or~ maybe I’m just a great procrastinator! LOL. Anyway, let’s start! 


The product is contained in a simple transparent bottle with some cute little chalk fonts and designs! Somehow it’s new to the eye and different compared to their usual flowery and girly designs. I like it! It’s simple but eye-catching.

They have this simple applicator and a rubber stopper at the mouth of the container in order to stop any leakage or something. So always make sure to position the bottle UPRIGHT and always make sure you CLOSE it TIGHTLY!! I WARN YOU!! 


This line comes with five lovely colors FIT for Summer! You can choose among:
  • Pretty Fit Hotpink
  • Brave Fit Berry
  • Slush Fit Tangerine
  • Live Fit Orange
  • Love Fit Coral

I really couldn't make up my mind FAST on what shade to buy because all of them are sooooo gorgeous! But since I've been using a lot of reddish and pinkish shades these days, I've decided to go with the orange shade! So, I chose Slush Fit Tangerine! Not too strong and not too dull for Summer! Whatcha think??


As asual, you can barely smell strong scents among Korean products. And I like it! This lippie doesn't have any fruity or strange scent and flavor. 


Before using the product, they really put the directions on the box to SHAKE THE PRODUCT BEFORE USING. Because it's not the typical lippie you see in the market these days. To my surprise, when I applied this product on my lips, it somehow transformed from watery to powdery. So it's not really like the usual shiny lippie but more like a matte one. Also, you can barely feel that you put on something! It's so light! YOU FEEL FREE!! (Okay that was strange!)

This is the color you can achieve even only at the first application. The color is so vibrant, you can choose and control how strong you want the color to be. In normal days, I usually just apply it one time cuz it would look really natural~ But if I want to be more bold, you can apply twice or even three times! HAHA


In one application, the product's color can easily wear out. But if you apply it twice or more, the color would stay on your lips for hours unless you eat or drink a lot. But in my case, I tend to talk a lot cuz of my job. So, I usually do some retouch every after 4 hours. (and every after meals too!)



1. Vibrant color and light on the lips! Color never dies out easily. Because of its special formula, it somehow stays longer than any other products. Plus it feels light on the lips too! You can barely feel you put on some lipstick.

2. Price is reasonable. 


1. Packaging design is cool but the functionality is a big drawback! As far as I have used it, I reckon my tissue enjoyed the quarter of the product due to some terrible leakage!! SAD!! 


YES! But I would love to have it in a different package. Etude, pleeeeaaaaaaaaasseee!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Circle Lens Review: Cystal Opal Brown

어머!! My first review EVER! 캬하아아아 *claps*
Hello there geeks! Today I'm going to do a review about Crystal Opal Lens in brown color!

BROWN!! Yep! Brown is indeed my favorite lens color and in fact, this is my second brown lens in my whooooole life! Oh wait, it's my third! HAHA (or second -__-)

Anyway let's not waste any time! 고고싱!! ㅋㅋㅋ

BRAND: Crystal Lens
NAME: Opal Brown
DIAMETER: 14.2 mm
BASE CURVE: 8.60 mm
DURATION OF USE: 1 year (but I would suggest you use it not less than 6 months! :D )
PRICE ON GEO LENSHOPPE: Opal Brown 300 PHP / 6.88 USD (click here)

♛ ♛ ♛ ♕ ♕ (3/5)

Crystal lens vials come in different colors: violet and pink! :D 
Well, same as the other vials where you have to battle your way through opening those little bottles! GRRRRRR~ Not to mention the cracked nails you get after opening them. And I did learn my lesson. So everytime I open a vial, I always use any cloth to protect my dear nails from tearing. 

Packaging details~

♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ (5/5)

My first brown lens was actually too natural that I thought it was too unnoticeable or useless(?) and my second brown lens was too artificial or unreal that I looked like stoned, alien-ish or something ㅋㅋ. So I really got meticulous in choosing my next set of brown lenses. And I did find the lens which is in the middle of being natural and being unreal. (What am I blabbing about?!) So what do I love about this lens?

❤ the color looks natural yet vibrant! (but not in a strange way! HAHA)
❤ it blends well with my natural eye color which is - - - - dark brown -__-"
❤ the size (14.2 mm) fits well with my not so small eyes. (AND YES, I FIND THOSE LENSES WITH LARGE DIAMETER STRANGE-------sorry!)
❤ the design is creatively made to look natural yet cute on the eyes

How it looks with a fa-fa-flash!

The good thing about colored lenses is that you can easily tell if you're putting it right cuz the right side of the lens is much darker than the underside. :D 
Underside up~

 TADANG~ this is the interesting part. The effects of the lenses to the eyes.
(Please pardon my eye bags and the amateur photo collage plus the uncoordinated colors used.)

♛ ♛ ♛ ♕ ♕ (3/5)

I usually wear lenses for about 4-8 hours maximum. For this lens, by the time I hit 4 to 5 hours, I would get a foggy-like vision with "bokeh" effects! (Nah, just kidding--except the bokeh thingy). Since its water content is only 42%, it  easily dries up your eyes and you get the feeling of your eyes set on fire! (Now I'm exaggerating again haha) One time, I tried to wear them up to 12 hours and my eyes got really tired and sore. Yeah I know, I know it was suicidal. I was just too busy at that time! LOL I would recommend wearing them for 4 to 5 hours only. It's really advisable for you to bring eye lubricants just in case you want to use them for longer periods or bring your contact lens case so you can take them out if you already find them uncomfortable to wear.

♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♕ (4/5)

Overall, I'm contented and happy with this lens because of its effortless natural effects yet it still gives life to my dull eyes. I also didn't have a difficult time putting them on and the size is just right for my eyes. This lens could have been the perfect lens if it didn't dry up easily~ T___T. But I would still recommend it to those girls who want to use the lens aesthetically~

Dim light

Window light

Meet my friends!! :D

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Korean Straight Eyebrow Trimming---♥

My first post EVER! Well, about vanity stuffs *evil laugh*

Anyway, I've always been interested in trimming and shaping eyebrows ever since my friend accidentally shaped my eyebrows weirdly (ages ago) in a way I wanted not to exist anymore!

She really looked good on her eyebrow shape but it looked horrible on me.. *shudders*
So before I start my rant on how I trim my Korean-inspired eyebrow, let's have a "self-check" first.

All of us have different face shapes and each shape has a suitable eyebrow shape. To sum it up, the longer and thinner your face is, the straighter your eyebrows should be (and vice versa). But it's not really the main basis. In the case of Korean women, they want to achieve a youthful and innocent look (no matter what face shape they have!). That's why they stick to the ideal of having a fuller and lesser arch eyebrow~ Some of my favorite celebrities with a cute straight eyebrow are:



Kim Tae Hee


Go Ara

Fortunately, my face shape is safe to have the straight eyebrow. Trimming or shaping your eyebrows is really tricky and it would take you a lot of trial and error to eventually find the right eyebrow shape for you! So don't fret and don't hesitate to experiment! :D

So now, I would like to show you gals how I trim and groom my (scattered) eyebrow~ *claps*

Basic things needed to trim ones eyebrows are:
♥ a razor
♥ a spoolie
♥ eyebrow scissors (curved tip)
♥ eyebrow stick

**You can also add the tweezers but in my case, I really don't pluck. IT HURTS TT__TT

I have scattered thin eyebrows. It was really difficult for me to shape them at first.
But in the long run, I got comfortable in grooming my eyebrows..especially in shaping em

Use your eyebrow stick to draw the outline of your desired eyebrow shape. This will be your guide when you're shaving the hair off.

Some women directly shave or pluck their eyebrows without making an outline. It's okay, if you're already used to it. But for beginners,  I really don't advice it! I tried it once, I shaved and shaved until little hair was left and both eyebrows were not EQUAL~! *Waaaahh*

On the next step, use your spoolie to drag the outline you drew inwards.
Yeah, just follow the direction in the photo above! :D

***Make sure not to put too much pressure 'cause you might erase the line! 
Just keep calm and drag em calmly~~~

This is my usual straight Korean-inspired eyebrow shape! If you're satisfied with the form you've made... then it's time to shave~~~ 

In shaving the lower part of the eyebrow, try to shave outwards first and inwards after. 
Shaving hair at the opposite direction of its direction of growth is a good way to make sure you shave most of the part of the hair. Except the roots though..haha

**WARNING: in shaving inwards, make sure not to cut any skin. I tried it once. OUCH *__*

Shaving the upper part of the eyebrow is the most critical part (for me)! It's makes the expression of your eyebrow~One mistake of how you angle the line can make you look either angry or sad! It depends on you though :D

When you're finished with the lower and upper part of the brow, you can proceed with the side. Again, it depends on you and your mood on how you will angle the line~

If the hair is already too long, you can trim the excess with the aid of a spoolie and a pair of curved tip scissors. Trimming some hair would make your eyebrows look thinner. 

I usually trim the part where the "going-up" hair meets the "going-down" hair in the middle cuz it creates a thick line. (and it looks weird) @___@

And this is the final result! The pink lines indicate where I'll draw my eyebrows. 

As you can see in the first photo, my eyebrows are a little arched and scattered. But having arched brows looks bad..really bad on me! So, I opted to have the straight eyebrow which is suitable for my facial features. As you can see in the second photo, my features became more calm and innocent (??) RIGGHHTTT???

So, good luck to those gals out there who are new to this thing. If you have some additional tips and so on, kindly comment below! :D XOXO